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Apr 4, 2023

Everyone wants to find their purpose and operate from that place, but what if we are chasing our purpose in the wrong way? Purpose is not something you have to achieve, it is what you are. You are either allowing yourself to be who and what you are, or you are restricting who and what you are. Every person has a unique function and by being who you are meant to be, there are amazing byproducts. Jesse Elder helps people dig into who they truly are and live a life that is authentically aligned with that unique purpose and vision.

Jesse Elder is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and all-around lover of life. He has devoted his life to sharing his principles of self-mastery with people all around the world. Through his popular Mind Vitamin videos, online courses, events, and private coaching, Jesse teaches others how to create their own success and fulfillment, reclaim their personal freedom, and master their reality. 

In this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Jesse shares his upbringing of being homeschooled, watching his dad get arrested and go to prison for standing up for his beliefs, and how that shaped his view of the world. Jesse talks about his experience growing up learning martial arts, and how getting into a fight at 19 gave him the reality check that propelled him to question everything he thought he knew. He realized everyone feels like they know the truth, but we all can’t think the same thing about everything. Jesse had been seeking the truth, but he came to realize that he never actually wanted to feel as though he had arrived at the truth. He stopped asking what is true and started asking what is useful. Tune in for more.

Key highlights:

  • The purpose of pain
  • Our relationship with fear
  • The problem with inauthenticity 
  • How to stay connected to your intuition
  • How Jesse helps people connect to their true purpose
  • How to be emotionally sovereign 
  • A simple exercise to get connected to your purpose 
  • How to create content that people will resonate with

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