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May 9, 2023

You might already know about the importance of being authentic, but maybe you’re not exactly sure how to translate that over social media in order to attract your ideal customers. You don’t want to be so authentic and transparent that you don’t leave any mystery about you, and you also don’t want to share so much that you become uninteresting to listen to. There is definitely an art in owning who you are and what your unique talents are, and conveying that appropriately to your audience so that you stand out while showcasing your expertise. Sun Yi calls this the “goldilocks of personal branding.”

Sun Yi is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and TEDx speaker. He is the founder of Night Owls, an award-winning digital agency in NYC. In 2022, he started Night Owl Nation, a community that practices storytelling together.

Sun gained over 50k Instagram followers in only 6 months, and in this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, he reveals his content strategy and the common mistakes he sees people making on social media, and what you should actually be doing instead. So many people think if they post consistently, that will be enough to grow their following, but they are missing a key component. It is called “social media” for a reason. The interactions are meant to be a 2-way street. No one likes when someone just takes without giving anything in return. Instead of “posting and ghosting” think about how you can use your knowledge and abilities to serve with authenticity, and the right clientele will take notice.

Key highlights:

  • Sun’s content strategy and how he got 50k followers in 6 months
  • Repurposing and recycling content
  • What is a carousel on Instagram?
  • The 3 necessary pieces of great content
  • Why Sun has a consistent theme and colors on his Instagram page
  • Don’t “post and ghost”
  • Nuances about social media that Sun didn’t realize before
  • The problem with influencer mentality
  • How to land high-caliber clients
  • Where to start if you are new to social media
  • Why really great content might not perform well
  • Common storytelling mistakes
  • The importance of being relatable

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