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Apr 18, 2023

Too often when people fail at something that they have been working hard toward, the default reaction is to give up or rebound hard in the opposite direction, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. Or maybe the opposite is true and you reached a big milestone you have been aiming for, so you celebrate big and then fall off the wagon. When you fail at something or even reach your goal, that doesn’t have to be the end. Failure can be a great gift that teaches you very valuable lessons if you know how to pay attention. Success also teaches you a great deal, but don't lose sight of the habits that got you there. Sustainability and consistency are the keys. Chris Warnes is a great example of how to build and maintain a successful business and authority, and how to take failure as a lesson.

Chris Warnes is a serial entrepreneur, independent watch dealer, business coach, life mentor, speaker, and author focused on self-awareness, purpose, spirituality, mindset, leadership, company culture, and the true meaning of entrepreneurship. After two tours in Iraq with the Army, Chris was awarded The Purple Heart and now lives, breathes, and teaches the warrior mindset. His companies operate from the culture and core values that he lives by and represents. His care for people, discipline, and accountability sets him apart from others. In over 15 years, Chris has built six companies, including online fitness coaching, a full-service gym, real estate investing, dealing high-end timepieces, Warrior Consulting, and most recently, a Non-Profit. Chris has recently also become two companies’ managing/equity partner for his leadership, expertise, and knowledge.

In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Chris shares what he learned from a near-death experience while serving in the military, and why we need to shift how we view failure and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. The journey is more important than the finish line, and once you reach that finish line, don’t take it as an excuse to go back to old habits, but instead celebrate, and then get back to work. Chris also shares how he built his online presence and became an authority in the fitness industry, and now coaching space. People often think they don’t have the credibility or knowledge to be an authority in their space, but Chris and Tony offer a different perspective and share how you can get started creating content today. 

Key highlights:

  • What Chris learned about himself in combat after serving 2 tours in the military 
  • Chris and Tony’s thoughts on 75 Hard
  • Why you should see failure as a lesson
  • How Chris pivoted his business to meet market demand
  • How to create content that will build authority and an audience
  • Chris’ words of advice for people that have a goal but are afraid to pursue it

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