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Dec 5, 2023

Alan Belcher is a career fighter and a man with an impressive 10-fight winning streak. He has a very interesting backstory that began with a love for martial arts and kung fu movies as a child. You’ll hear about how a pivotal encounter with a bully during his middle school years sparked a fierce determination to become a formidable fighter. Alan shares his impressive record in various forms of martial arts and his business ventures beyond the fighting arena. This episode offers a wealth of insights into the mindset of a successful fighter and the business side of fighting.

You’ll hear about the mental and emotional aspects of combat sports from a seasoned fighter who has more than 60 fights under his belt. Alan shares how the pursuit of trophies and titles has cultivated his emotional intelligence and deepened his self-awareness. Tony and Alan talk about the significance of realism and understanding oneself and one's opponent in making the decision to win. The wisdom Alan has gained from fighting applies to various areas of life and business and can teach us a lot about success, failure, and getting back up when you’re knocked down.

Key highlights:

  • Alan’s Path to Martial Arts and Fighting

  • Emotional Control and Emotional Intelligence in Martial Arts

  • Mental Aspect of Winning and Losing

  • The Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

  • The Connection Between Athletics and Financial Success

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