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May 24, 2022

Ed Mylett is back on the 365 Driven podcast, and you already know this will be an episode packed with lessons and advice from Ed that you are going to want to take notes on. Ed is an incredibly successful businessman, creator of the Arete Syndicate, and one of Tony’s mentors. Since being on the podcast in April 2020, Ed has gone through the loss of his dad and spent the last year writing his upcoming book, The Power of One More, which is a very in-depth guide full of Ed’s powerful strategies and insight that will guide you to a happier and more successful life.

In this episode, Ed takes us through some life changing lessons that are included in his book that will benefit anyone, no matter what stage you are in your life. Tony and Ed’s conversation brings out a side of Ed that no one has asked about before. Ed exposes how our society is programmed to avoid pain, which is keeping everyone stuck and repeating the history of those before us. You are sure to hear a perspective from Ed that other people don’t talk about because it is hard to hear, but he doesn’t shy away from the truth bombs that are guaranteed to motivate you to take action in making the changes necessary to reach the potential you didn’t think was possible.

Key highlights:

  • Introduction to Ed and what he has been up to the past year
  • Dealing with the recent loss of his father
  • The concept of “Beginning with the end in mind” from Think and Grow Rich
  • The concept of “memento mori”
  • We all have visions on our life, the issue is depth perception, you think its further away than it is
  • You are one decision away, one meeting, one relationship, one thought, one book, one podcast away from a different life
  • Most people don't meet their highest self because they are not willing to go through the pain of getting there
  • How Ed developed his listening skills as a child
  • Truth bomb that’s hard to hear: “The most insidious form of child neglect is a parent not pursuing their ultimate potential. You’re instilling in that child that it's okay to settle.”
  • Most lessons our kids learn are caught not taught
  • We are programed to avoid pain and not do hard things
  • Successful people pursue the inconvenient thing
  • How our parents instill their limitations in us
  • Why Ed is different from other people on social media
  • A different view of Ed: What his dogs mean to him
  • How to balance being successful and maintaining your family/parenting
  • Most people are operating out of their memory and history, but happy people operate out of their imagination and dreams
  • How to get your kids to be dreamers and have high confidence
  • Surround yourself with people that say “imagine when” not “remember when”
  • Your identity is the thermostat setting of your life
  • How to train your RAS (reticular activating system)
  • Anger is the manifestation of fear
  • The importance of finding emotional control in stressful situation: equanimity
  • How his book will apply to everyone
  • How to get access to Ed’s virtual event for free

Quotes from the episode:

  • “It's not the events of our lives that define us, it's the meaning we attach to it.”
  • “On the other side of temporary pain, you get introduced to your other self.”
  • “What if the highest potential exists in something we haven't even started yet?”
  • “Success is where your life matches the blueprint you have for it. You come up with a blueprint for your life and you get it”

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