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Sep 13, 2022

The coaching industry sometimes gets a bad rap due to the fake coaches out there, but that is because a lot of coaches are chasing money and not actual impact. So many of them are targeting the wrong audience and can’t deliver the guidance and results that their targeted audience is looking for. Maybe they have the answers to a certain problem but are placing their offer in front of the wrong people, overcharging, and then not delivering. With the industry having a low barrier to entry, there are going to be people out there not operating ethically. This in turn makes them look like a fraud. Operating in ethics and integrity is what separates great coaches from the rest. 

In this episode, Tony talks to fellow business coach Mike Claudio all about how to find the right coach for you. Mike Claudio is a husband, father, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who focuses on making an impact with every conversation he has. He is the owner of WinRate consulting, a business coaching and consulting company focused on the construction industry, and the founder of A Champions Shoes, which is a nonprofit with a mission to foster confidence in children by providing new, name-brand shoes to kids all over the country. He is also the host of The Big Stud Podcast, and author of #TooStrong: How to Win Fast and Win Often in a World Full of Obstacles.

Mike and Tony are both coaches that do not shy away from the honest and hard truth of what it takes to build a successful business. Mike has coached over 300 companies successfully by operating with a “help first” mentality and emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and accountability. Tune in to learn the truth about the coaching industry.

Key highlights:

  • Why people don't get big results from a $1000 course
  • Lack of self-awareness is what costs and wastes so much time and money
  • How Tony and Mike attract the right people into their coaching programs
  • How the most effective leaders operate
  • Why the coaching industry gets a bad rap at times
  • Mike’s turning point of when he decided to coach other people in their businesses
  • What makes a great coach?
  • You don't have to have the "normal" business hours of everyone else
  • Tony’s morning routine and why he doesn't work out in the morning 
  • Tony’s advice for structuring your day the way that is best for you
  •  Mike explains why coaching costs what it does: It's not about what it costs now, but where you want to be in 12 months
  • How to find the right coach for you

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