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Oct 12, 2021

Daniel Gomez is back on the 365 Driven Podcast after 3 years, and was first featured on the show on episode 3. Daniel is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world. He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written with the purpose of inspiring and helping people form high-performance habits and confidence to be the leaders of their own destiny. Daniel’s passion and ability to unlock potential in people has made him a highly sought-out speaker for top organizations, including the U.S. Air Force. 

Daniel and Tony are both motivational speakers, and are passionate about helping others to better themselves and tap into their true potential. But where do motivational speakers pull their motivation from? Listen in as Daniel and Tony give the tough love and words of encouragement that everyone needs right now.

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