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Jul 26, 2022

Do your strengths lie in creating a vision for your company and always coming up with new ideas, or are you more of the person that makes things happen and keeps everything running smoothly? In this episode, you’ll learn about the differences between being a visionary and an integrator, the strengths and weaknesses of both, and why companies need both to balance each other out. Today’s guest, Tomas Keenan, explains how to know whether you are a visionary or an integrator, and why you need to partner with someone with the opposite skillset. 

Tomas Keenan works with Entrepreneurs who refuse to be average and are crushing 7+ figures in business. His expertise and experience have landed him features in Mobile Electronics Magazine, CE Outlook, CEO Blog Nation, Fit Small Business, The Startup Growth, The Goodmen Project, and several blogs and podcasts. Tomas is also a sought-after public speaker, 2X bestselling author, and host of the Step It Up Entrepreneur Podcast. He has interviewed industry leaders, influencers, high-level business and success coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world. Tomas believes the key to success is making progress every day, no matter how small the feat.

Tomas shares his experience in finding his purpose, and his passion for helping others do the same. His advice involves removing limiting factors from your life to make room for things more aligned with your purpose and how to get your mindset right regarding those difficult decisions that will ultimately lead you on your path to greatness. 

Key highlights

  • People overlook the skill of observing and asking the right questions
  • The world needs fewer people that are looking for a transactional relationship and more who are looking for lifetime relationships 
  • How to know if you are a visionary or integrator
  • Can you be both a visionary and an integrator?
  • Should you be business partners with friends?
  • The importance of choosing business partners wisely
  • What to do if you lose passion for your business
  • Tomas’ journey of finding his purpose
  • Tony’s journey of finding his purpose
  • Tomas’ realization that he wasn’t living his core value
  • Letting go of things to make room for more (business partners, companies that don't align with your purpose, or clients that are not ideal)
  • People that are still trading time for money struggle to see the value of high-ticket coaching
  • The mindset in leaving jobs that aren't serving you
  • Books Tomas and Tony recommend

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