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Mar 8, 2022

Stu Massengill has accomplished many things from building an 8-figure business at 20 years old, to beating cancer at 24 years old. He is on a mission to help people to fall in love with what they do. Stu is a Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins and the host of the podcast, Finding Direction, where he interviews people who live passionate and fulfilling lives, and learn tactics from them about how to find one’s direction in life. Stu helps others who are lost, and leads them down a path of creating a life full of passion and fulfillment. In this episode, Stu dives deep into the concept of finding your purpose and direction in life, and how that can change with time. He shares his story of being a shy kid that struggled to make conversations with others, to going up to strangers and building connections with people that would push him to dream bigger. Sometimes going after your goals means disassociating with people that are bringing you down, and seeking out people that will make you uncomfortable, in a positive and productive way that will elevate toward action. 

Key highlights:

  • Tony and Stu relate skateboarding to entrepreneurship
  • The darkest time in Stu’s life when the network marketing company he was involved in, closed its doors
  • Look for the blessings and lessons in the difficult times and take that to your next journey
  • We need to embrace the unknown and see it as exciting
  • Deep dive into the fear of success and self awareness 
  • Why you need to be selfishly unselfish and disassociate from people that are bringing you down
  • How to become a more effective communicator and networker
  • Addressing fears as an introvert

Quote from the episode:

“The pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons.”

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