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May 2, 2023

In the personal development space, we often hear the advice to be authentic and to ensure we are operating from a place of authenticity, but what happens if you don’t know who you are? This happens more often than you might think, and even celebrities deal with identity struggles. In the entrepreneurial world, you have to have clarity in who you are, and who you are speaking to, or the disconnect will be apparent. Jonathan George is here on the 365 Driven Podcast to dive deep into personal branding and offer a different perspective on what exactly it all means and how to achieve it the right way.

Jonathan George is the CEO of a Personal Branding Agency called Unleash Your Rockstar. His clients have amassed over 150 million online followers leading him to be dubbed “The Human Hitmaker.” As a specialist in creating, positioning, and expanding authentic rockstar personal brands to scale business brands, Jonathan has worked with top brands including Chanel, Universal, Sony ATV, Hulu, FOX, and Disney. As a thought leader on the topic, he also utilizes it as one of the hottest tools for self-development for GenZers and Millennials.

In this episode, Jonathan explains why it is so crucial to understand who you are in this day and age. With social media, so many of us get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, leading to anxiety and overwhelm. If we haven't taken the time to overcome the insecurities we had as children, we can carry them into adulthood without even realizing it, and then we let those insecurities turn into excuses as to why we can’t go after our goals. With mental health on the decline, it is becoming increasingly important to break through the walls and barriers that are holding you back and be the person you are meant to be. Unleashing your rockstar means unapologetically being who you are.

Key highlights:

  • The mental effects of social media
  • The number one thing that will hold you back from reaching your dreams 
  • Jonathan’s rebirthing experience and how he found real confidence
  • Why personal branding is more than just colors and fonts
  • How Jonathan helps people figure out how they want to show up in the world
  • Why you need to understand your weaknesses
  • Learning how to tell your story in a way that connects to your audience 
  • Oversharing: how do you know when it becomes too much?
  • Crisis Management: How to diffuse situations you are not proud of
  • Controlling how people perceive you
  • Why your personal brand shouldn't be built around your business
  • Why a personal brand is portable and can be pivoted for any business

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