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Mar 19, 2024

This special episode features Tony’s recent speech at the Movement Maker Live 2024 event in Nashville, TN hosted by Mike Fabber. In this speech, Tony talks about how he conquered the ever-looming shadow of self-doubt. He once grappled with the fear of stepping into the light, hesitant to share his thoughts and ideas with the world. Tony recounts how he turned an online forum into a multi-million dollar success, and unpacks the essence of personal reinvention. As he draws from the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books of his youth, Tony delves into a world where mere survival is not the goal—heroism is. He recalls a pivotal moment, a close call with mortality on the race track, that set his life on a course of audacious change, reminding us of the risks that lace the path to our dreams.

Tony peels back the layers of his own transformation, from a hidden figure behind corporate giants to a voice that resonates with humor and vulnerability. He shares proven strategies for overcoming the terror of the spotlight, highlighting the triumphs of maintaining a victory log, and the potency of the ABCs of achievement: Action, Belief, and Consistency. This isn’t just a story; Tony is extending an invitation—to seize the pen, to make life not just an adventure, but your adventure. So, as we chart these untraveled roads, let's author a tale of purpose, potential, and the power of being the hero in your own story.

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