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Apr 5, 2022

Jill Sinclair is an author, TV personality, keynote speaker, executive coach, and mentor with a “get things done” mentality. She teaches others how to unlock their potential and stop letting excuses prevent them from taking action and making things happen. Having overcome a traumatic childhood, Jill doesn’t let her past have power over her. Through having 73 jobs and counting, Jill knows that we all have the power to choose our own path, and she is passionate about helping others to take those action steps and stop the procrasting and overthinking that are preventing success. 

Jill’s tenacious spirit is contagious, and in this episode you will feel the passion and drive she has to spread her message that we are the only ones holding ourselves back with excuses, lack of accountability, and waiting for the day that motivation will magically appear. You will hear her hacks for tricking your mind to want to do the things that will move you forward, and how to rewire your brain for positivity. 

Quote from the episode:

  • “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Key highlights:

  • Overcoming a difficult upbringing and how she chose to create her own path in life
  • Why you should tell people your goals
  • Transformation can happen in a shorter time than you think
  • How Jill works with her clients to get them to take the action steps and not overthink
  • Jill’s mission to change lives
  • The importance of knowing your why - motivation isn't enough
  • The difference between successful people and average people
  • Take accountability for wherever you are
  • The fear of success
  • Flipping the switch on responsibility that success gives you
  • Rewire your brain for positivity

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