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Dec 12, 2023

Ever found yourself in debt and felt like there's no way out? Tony’s guest, Scott Oldford, who was once $1 million in debt, shares his inspiring journey of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. He dives into his upcoming book, "Million in the Red," which offers hope and practical guidance for those finding themselves in debt and wanting out. 

In this episode, Scott dissects failure, highlighting its transient nature and the invaluable role of a support system. He also opens up about the cycles of success and failure, and how they expose our true companions. Scott and Tony stress the dangers of complacency in success and the unpredictable role of luck in business. They share personal stories, emphasizing the importance of forming bonds with supportive and genuine individuals.

Scott also delves into the realm of investing and entrepreneurship, debunking the myth that higher revenues translate to success. Scott and Tony discuss the value of constructive criticism and the role of mentors, and how success and wealth can sometimes strain friendships. They encourage you to cultivate authentic relationships and distance yourself from pessimistic people. Tune in for a no-holds-barred conversation on entrepreneurship, resilience, and personal growth.

Key highlights:

  • Scott’s Journey Through Debt and Resilience

  • Overcoming Failure and Finding True Supporters

  • Navigating Career Reinvention and Personal Growth

  • Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Finding Fulfillment

  • Importance of Honest Feedback

  • Navigating Wealth and Friendship

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