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Mar 1, 2022

Bobby Sausalito is a comedian, political commentator, and internet personality. He makes comedy videos about politics, the economy, current events, America, and freedom. Bobby has acquired a social media presence with over 140,000 followers and received tens of millions of video views and counting. His mission is to deliver the truth in a consumable and humorous way.

In this episode, Bobby shares how he got started making funny videos online, and his belief that everyone needs to find a way to leave their thoughts and impression on the world. Bobby believes that through being a thought leader and being courageous enough to share your thoughts, you can leave a very impactful imprint on the world for generations to come. Our society is in need of leaders, and Bobby believes that these important conversations that need to be had, and ideas that need to be shared, could save the world. He also gives us a lesson in personal branding, content strategy, and how you can easily and quickly create content to attract your ideal audience. 

Key highlights:

  • How Bobby got started making funny videos
  • The importance of leaving an imprint on the world
  • What he thinks makes a thought leader
  • The key to getting other people addicted to your content
  • Being raw on social media
  • How to put out more content faster
  • How to capture your audience’s attention
  • Personal branding 
  • Content strategy and simplifying things to create things everyday

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