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Oct 31, 2023

Ken Eslick is a seasoned entrepreneur and a leadership expert in the recruiting industry. In this episode, Ken shares his remarkable journey from a kid with a knack for leadership to a professional recruiting leader. His experiences range from an epiphany in a Carl's Jr. parking lot that led him to the military, to 14 years in the corporate world, and ultimately a decade in recruiting. Ken candidly discusses his personal struggles as well as his distaste for corporate red tape.

Ken also shares his experiences in the military and how they shaped him into the leader he is today. Ken and Tony talk about the lessons learned from basic training, the importance of military values, and why we shouldn't dismiss the corporate world's merits. Then, Tony and Ken share how they utilized their corporate experience in their own businesses. They stress the importance of organizational charts, balance sheets, communication strategies, and the value of "shamelessly stealing" best practices from large corporations to ensure success in small businesses.

The discussion further explores two models for recruiting professionals - retained and contingent, the concept of leadership, and how it creates an environment for people to perform at their highest level. Listen in as they discuss the importance of not paying in advance for anticipated results and the necessity of personal growth, a thirst for knowledge, and an openness to change. Don't miss when they cover the power of a growth mindset and the importance of taking action to overcome fear.

Key highlights:

  • Leadership and Recruiting for Success
  • From Desperation to the Army
  • Corporate Experience in Small Business
  • Leadership and Developing Potential
  • Belief in Self and Growth Mindset
  • Taking Action and Overcoming Fear

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