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Jun 14, 2022

Rich Cardona is a retired Marine aviator, former Amazon employee, media company owner, podcaster, and most importantly, a proud girl dad. Rich is very focused on optimizing life with efficiency, routine, and manifestation, which has led him to where he is today. Rich’s business focus is podcast production and video content for 7-8 figure CEOs, and his journey to building his business involved a lot of letting go of things that didn’t align with his aspirations and vision for his life. 

In this episode, Rich emphasizes how powerful it is to limit your availability, which means letting go of what doesn't serve the bigger picture you have for yourself. Although saying “no” can feel difficult, a lot of things are not worth letting go of your dream. That might mean waking up earlier, spending less time on social media, or even walking away from a position that you know is limiting your potential, just as Rich did. Tune in to hear Rich explain the power of “addition through subtraction.”

Key highlights:

  • Introduction to Rich and his background as a marine and Amazon employee
  • How he quit his job at Amazon to be an entrepreneur
  • Tony’s advice for becoming a leader in your company even if your company doesn't put you on that path
  • Why Rich applied to entry-level positions after quitting Amazon
  • How a lot of people are limiting themselves in what they are willing to do and learn
  • Knowing which doors to shut and avoiding “shiny object syndrome”
  • When to stop consuming content and take action
  • How to get unique content when meeting your role models
  • How Rich got the idea for his globally ranked podcast, NFTs for Newbies
  • Clues that you should consider a pivot
  • Are you rolling with people you are not aligned with? 
  • The price of your dream is letting go of the thing you're doing right now
  • Sacrifices don't always mean you're losing something
  • The power of saying “no” is one of the best skill sets you can have
  • The value of your proximity
  • Addition through subtraction and being in a “no” period
  • The local vs. global benefit
  • What Rich has learned from a social media hiatus
  • The power of conceptualizing and visualizing what you want
  • Your subconscious looks for opportunities to meet your goals

Quote from the episode:

  • “The world will give you more of what you give attention and energy to.”

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