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Jan 24, 2023

Too many people are trading integrity for influence and trying to gain fake followers and fake notoriety to appear as though they are influential, but if it’s not real, what is the point? Do those fake followers and fake blue check marks matter if they aren’t actually providing real value to the world? Fake PR might work to fool people into thinking those fake influencers are more wealthy and successful than they are, but if that means sacrificing integrity to get there, those tactics are going to have long-term effects, and keeping up the fakeness will become unsustainable. 

Our world is craving authenticity, and eventually, the fakes will be revealed. True influence is earned by making an impact and consistently providing value to others. Too many people want to skip the impact part, but that is what matters. It’s about the long game when it comes to influence, and if someone can’t provide value, they don’t deserve the influence. Let’s make 2023 the year of authenticity and the year we stop supporting the fakers. So how do you spot the fakes and frauds in the influence space? Tune in to find out the telltale signs of a fake influencer. 

Key highlights:

  • Stop trading integrity for influence 
  • Why people do fake PR
  • What are things people can fake in the influencer space? 
  • What are things you can’t fake? 
  • How to spot fakes and frauds in the influencer space
  • How to know someone is real and authentic 
  • Tony explains “Pay to Play” type of events
  • Avoid groups that teach you fake stuff and start supporting real and authentic people

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