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Oct 10, 2023

Are you wrestling with self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing true success and freedom? Or maybe your self-talk is keeping yourself from your dreams without even realizing it. How would your life change if you stopped holding yourself back from what you desire and deserve? 

This episode is an earnest examination of these invisible handcuffs as Tony shares his journey of breaking free from these self-imposed constraints. Tony shines a light on the complex connection of self-worth and our choices, guiding us on a journey that will question our internal dialogue and its influence on our actions.

Now that you have identified and acknowledged that your limiting beliefs are holding you back, how do you overcome them? This episode opens the doors to a new identity shaped by positive habits and vision. Tony dissects how past experiences and influences affect our beliefs, and how accepting accountability for them can pave the path to a brighter future. Listen in, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and embrace a life of limitless potential.

Key highlights:

  • Limiting Beliefs in Affordability and Dreams

  • The Value of Vacations and Education

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Building Self-Confidence

  • Building a New Identity Through Habits

  • Visualizing and Achieving Your Dreams

 Connect with Tony Whatley:
Instagram: @365driven

Facebook: 365 Driven

LinkedIn: Tony Whatley