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Jan 3, 2023

Happy New Year and welcome back to the 365 Driven Podcast! Last year, Tony released an episode titled “How to Win in 2022” and it was one of the most downloaded episodes of last year. This year, Tony is back with more actionable advice on how to win this year, and the messages are not the same as the previous year. 

While planning for personal and professional growth this year, it is unavoidable to address the big elephant in the room: recession. With all the indicators bring present, it is essential to make a plan to not just survive this market, but to know what is needed to thrive and make this your best year yet.

All of the “get rich quick” schemes of previous years are not going to work in a recession. Tony encourages you to take advice from someone that has been in business during a recession and knows what it takes to stay above the competition. Tony built his first business in the recession of 2001, and used the 2007-2009 recession to invest and grow his online retail company, which became a 7 figure business. It’s easy to be successful in a growth economy, but with the current market trends, you want to learn what it takes to use the market to your advantage and grow exponentially in 2023.

Most people will focus on doom and gloom and consider quitting, but winners see these moments as an opportunity. So how do you win when your competition is backing down? Tune in to learn how to win in 2023.

Key highlights:

  • Tony addresses the topic of recession and all the indicators being present
  • Tony shares his history with recessions
  • The biggest growth comes during and shortly after a recession 
  • This is the time to play the “buy low, sell high” game
  • How to stand out on social media
  • Which social media platforms are showing growth?
  • How to grow your email list
  • Adjusting your offer for the current market
  • Tony challenges you to get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically this year 

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