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Feb 20, 2024

How to Grow an Audience – Episode 351


  •          Our time is limited, and relatively short
  •          Push aside your ego. Be okay being a beginner, and sucking at things (stage right story).
  •          Dealing with critics, haters, naysayers
  •          Invest in skills. (Communication, Copywriting, Comedy, Production, Editing)
  •          Be your own brand. Don’t work with mentors who overshadow or take credit for your brand. Be 1 of 1, not 1 of 1000’s. Groups are okay, but wear your own brand.
  •          Purpose above Fear. Avoid regret. (write your Eulogy)

Creating content to grow an audience

  •          80/20 Rule. 80% of your content should be about things you enjoy doing. Things you’d do for free. 20% is focused on your expertise and your mastery.
  •          Expertise vs Mastery (paid to do, vs successful)
  •          Don’t copy the formats or edits of others. Be yourself.
  •          Identify what makes you unique, and amplify this.
  •          Don’t get ahead of your actual results. Results matter most. “Right Message, Wrong Person”
  •          Entertain, Educate, or Encourage
  •          Humor vs Inspiration
  •          Quality vs Quantity
  •          Be social and support others. Don’t post and ghost
  •          Stay in your lanes of interests and topics

Create an interesting life.

  •          Pursue passions and interests.
  •          Take on new challenges and share the journey
  •          Visit interesting places
  •          Read more books and learn from interesting people
  • Consistency and Patience (12-month no-man’s land story)

365 Driven Advance. Costa Rica June 8-13, 2024

  •          We don’t retreat, we Advance!
  •          Hiking a rainforest along the Rio Celeste river
  •          Jungle resort and beach resort
  •          Business and Entrepreneurship presenters
  •          Stepping away from your daily routine, and refreshing your mind
  •          Building relationships

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