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Feb 8, 2022

Marie Cosgrove is an entrepreneur and speaker, and her life in itself is a miracle and a story of tenacity and faith. Having been born into poverty, Marie has an incredibly inspiring story of persevering through a tumultuous childhood, abusive marriage, raising four children on her own, and struggling to make her way in the business world. She climbed the ladder in her job at a company, but was fired when she refused a pay cut. 2 years later, she bought the company that fired her. We all face hardships in our personal and professional lives, and Marie now helps others to discover how to use those hardships to propel them forward.

Marie turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, and in today’s episode, she shares what she has learned from her successes and failures. Your background, money, or success are not what give you value in life, and the titles you acquire throughout your life are not your identity. We all want to leave a legacy and impact in this world, and can do so despite where we came from.

Key Highlights

  • Marie shares the story of her mother’s accident, her grandmother’s incredible faith that led to Marie's miraculous birth, and the difficult childhood she endured
  • Leaving an abusive marriage, raising 4 children on her own, and succeeding in her career despite her personal struggles
  • Being fired from her job, starting a business, and coming back to buy the company that fired her
  • Decisions that people take lightly have huge impacts
  • How to tell frauds from real speakers

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