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Jun 28, 2022

Ken Okazaki is referred to as "the Video Marketing Guy." He has worked with international TV celebrities, CEOs, and business owners who know they need to be on video but lack the time, skills, or confidence to get started. Ken is the founder of Oz Media Global, a video marketing agency, and he loves helping businesses plan, optimize and launch their video campaigns. Ken has been able to learn what has worked with his world-class clients, and systematize the process to help businesses of all sizes. He teaches coaches, trainers, and consultants to create irresistible videos that land them leads and sales. With Ken's help, his clients have generated millions of dollars in extra profit from video marketing. 

Ken has developed a system for video content production, a combination of hooks, triggers, and techniques to get viewers to take the desired action. This is an episode you will definitely want to take notes on and listen to a few times as Ken is very generous in giving a wealth of information on how you can create videos that capture your audience and convert that to dollars. Ken goes step by step through the process that he uses for his clients when creating video ads that use psychology to get people to want to take action after watching. Tune in to hear the most common video mistakes people make, and learn how you can look like a pro.

Key highlights

  • Introduction to Ken and his journey as an entrepreneur
  • Ken’s background as a large event planner in Japan
  • The work and time that goes into planning and executing a large event
  • The “sweet spot” of when to promote an event
  • Getting hired for Jordan Belfort's world tour Japan event and why it didn’t happen
  • Why you should be using video for marketing
  • Tony’s tips for reels and TikTok
  • Ken’s advice for creating powerful video ads using psychology
  • The importance of going the shortest distance to make someone feel emotion with your video
  • Why you shouldn’t buy any new equipment and use the things you have already to make videos
  • Ken’s Storytelling format: HILDA - Hook, introduction, lead, deliver, ask
  • Ken’s advice for beginners
  • Ken’s thoughts on virtual backgrounds
  • Lighting tips and tricks to look like a pro
  • The most common mistake people make with their background that makes them look like an amateur 
  • Where you should have light sources in your video to flatter you most
  • What is next for Ken?
  • Ken’s advice to someone struggling to start with video content

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