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Aug 1, 2023

Have you ever been puzzled by the confusing labels on your favorite food products? Well, you're not alone. This episode invites you on an eye-opening journey with expert food coach, Jen Smiley, to decode the truth about the food industry and how it often misrepresents facts to the consumer. Jen reveals the secrets behind oils in our food and the potentially harmful effects of the common ones, while revealing how she cracked the food industry code.

Jen explains how food influences our health and well-being, particularly concerning inflammation, skin disorders, and gut wellness. She illuminates the significant part our diet plays in conditions like cancer, IBS, psoriasis, arthritis, and Hashimoto's, underscoring the transformative power of making food swaps. Jen's candid interactions with her large social media following provides an inspiring look at her authentic, day-to-day pursuit of enhanced health.

Jen stresses the critical importance of reading labels and being equipped with the knowledge to make better food choices. She exposes the shocking truth about popular brands and their potentially harmful ingredients. Tune in to this enlightening episode, absorb Jen's wisdom, and start fueling your body with foods that won’t work against you.

Key highlights:

  • Why the food industry is misleading

  • How our food impacts our health, wellbeing, and energy

  • Inflammatory foods and healthier choices

  • Why you should stay away from soda and energy drinks

  • How Jen grew an engaged social media audience

  • Where to start with food swaps

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