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Mar 12, 2024

Laurie Barkman is known as the “Business Transition Sherpa”, and in this episode, she dives into the terrain of building, valuing, and selling your business. Laurie brings her expertise to the table, sharing strategies from her book "The Business Transition Handbook" to help entrepreneurs mitigate risks and enhance their company's worth. Her experiences as a CEO provide a practical backdrop, stressing the importance of maintaining focus during major transitions and preparing for the rigor of due diligence and integration. Laurie also peels back the emotional layers owners face when parting with their business, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful exit plan for all parties involved.

Listen in as Laurie and Tony unpack the nuances of creating enterprise value, especially through strategic marketing. Reflecting on the evolution of retail in the digital age, this episode emphasizes the critical role of metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value, retention, and churn rates. These indicators are not just buzzwords; they're vital to a company's financial narrative and can dramatically influence its market value. Whether you're a tech startup guru or a small business owner, this discussion offers actionable insights on harnessing data to build a more resilient and valuable business.

In this comprehensive discussion, Laurie and Tony also tackle the personal and pragmatic aspects of selling a business, from the initial readiness to the emotional aftermath. Laurie's tales of entrepreneurs post-sale highlight the transformational nature of these transactions. Don't miss out on these vital conversations that could shape the future of your business legacy.

Key highlights:

  • Creating Enterprise Value Through Strategic Marketing

  • Building Valuable and Sustainable Businesses

  • Understanding Business Valuation Multiples

  • Navigating the Business Sale Process

  • Private Equity Buyouts and Acquisitions

  • Legacy and Entrepreneurship Transition Strategy

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