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Mar 22, 2022

Stephen Miller is a former pro MMA fighter, martial arts expert, Strongman performer with 5 world records to his credit, author, speaker, and owner of Legacy 365. He is a renowned motivator of people, and has spoken to crowds as large as 60,000 and shared the stage with other great speakers and thought leaders. He has produced an intensive coaching system called “Circle Builders,” and has authored The 30-Day Family Challenge, Dynamite Comes in Small Packages, The Adullam Experience, and his upcoming book, Circle Builders.

In today’s episode, Stephen dives into the concept of “circle building”, to help others build more complete lives, families, and companies. Stephen shares the 7 values that he believes are most important for everyone to incorporate and focus on in order to yield exponential growth in the entirety of our lives.

Key highlights:

  • Stephen’s recommendations for real world self defense 
  • Each of Stephen’s world records
  • His story setting a world record on Ripley’s Believe It or Not
  • The injuries he sustained while setting world records
  • The 7 values Legacy 365 focuses on 
  • The great mystery of spirituality
  • His new book coming out: Circle Builders
  • Stephen’s advice for getting started with personal development

Quote from the episode:

  • “The legacy you want to leave is the legacy you must live.”

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