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Nov 22, 2022

Entrepreneurship involves a great deal of risk, yet so many people are too afraid to take a risk that could change their life significantly for the better. When we remove risk, we also remove the reward. With risk removal, there is a cost and it is usually the reduction of the ROI you will get from taking a leap toward your vision and greater purpose. Zachary Babcock understands the gain that happens when you put yourself out there, commit to personal development, but stay true to your value and do the right thing by others.

Zach is back on the 365 Driven podcast for the third time for a fun and candid conversation with Tony about why hustle culture is outdated, why revenue doesn’t matter, and why critical thinkers are hard to come by nowadays. Both Zach and Tony think back to when they began their personal development journeys and the lessons they learned getting to where they are now. Both of them have made tremendous strides in improving how to communicate with others and get their message out to the world. Zach served 5 years in prison before building his brand, and Tony went from being terrified of public speaking, to now being an award-winning speaker, delivering his message on stages all over the world. 

Showing up consistently, letting go of what other people might think, and following your gut, are key to reaching your potential. Zach shares the habits that he focuses on each and every day that led to him being able to help people build a celebrity brand and explosive business with his top-rated podcast, Underdog Empowerment.

Key highlights:

  • Zach’s background of rehab, trauma, and prison and how he turned his life around by putting in the work every day
  • Tony’s vision for the 365 Driven brand
  • Too many people are not focusing on the long game and building something meaningful
  • Focus on serving people and helping people and success and money will follow
  • Purpose is fluid and changes with age
  • Why time feels like it goes faster as we get older
  • Why critical thinking is becoming rare
  • What does it mean to be a thought leader?
  • What Zach and Tony have learned from podcasting
  • How to be a better storyteller
  • Tony’s story about being terrified of public speaking and how he overcame it
  • Is your purpose strong enough to not care about haters and people that criticize? 
  • Consistency over time: Show up consistently and get the results that come with that

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