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Jul 18, 2023

At a time when people will say whatever they have to say not to get canceled, being real and authentic is not as common as it should be, but is critical for attracting the right people to your circle. If you are always worried about saying the wrong thing or having people upset with you for your stance on a topic, then you are going to have a harder time making meaningful connections and building your brand.

You won't want to miss this episode as Tony sits down with the dynamic Mike Fabber, a renowned sports coach, high-performance success coach, speaker, and author who has cultivated a meaningful connection with his audience through social media and hosting events. Mike and Tony tackle the significance of authenticity and staying true to oneself even in the digital age, where being a thought leader is rare. They also dive into the passionate world of sports culture and its connection to the business world.

Mike Fabber is the founder of UnleashU, which features leadership conferences that connect like-minded people for networking and an unforgettable experience. Mike is known as a "serial entrepreneur", owning several businesses and helping other businesses grow. He is also the Executive Director of the Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation, with the mission to prevent suicide, anti-drugs, and anti-bullying.

In this episode, Mike and Tony reflect on event planning amidst the pandemic and the lessons that were learned during that time. You will hear about what goes into planning a successful event and gain insights into the importance of taking risks and learning from mistakes. The discussion further extends to the world of digital marketing, the rise of the new app Threads, and the perils of digital scams. Lastly, Mike and Tony converse about the resilience required in business, opportunities for financial success, and ways to enhance your business.

Quote from the episode:

“You can have it all. You got to be willing to fight long enough and hard enough to have it.” - Mike Fabber

Key highlights:

  • Reflection on lessons from the Pandemic
  • Why Tony calls his events Advance and not Retreat
  • The economics of hosting events
  • Why hard times make you better
  • Building wealth in a down economy
  • What you should be doing if you are making less than $10k a month
  • How to start investing in yourself
  • 2 easy ways to make $100,000 with limited skills

Connect with Mike Fabber:
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Facebook: Michael Fabber

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