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Apr 19, 2022

Dhomonique Murphy is the #1 Go-To Industry Expert on Storytelling, Media Relations & Getting Featured on TV. She is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Celebrity Interviewer, and is best known for helping individuals and companies capture attention, reach larger audiences, and get massive exposure for their brands through the fine art of strategic storytelling. Dhomonique is also Founder & President of Media Mastery Now, America’s Premiere Media Training Agency where she helps individuals and companies use the power of story and TV media to build their brands and businesses. She is also a beauty queen titleholder and has been featured on stages across the nation.

In this episode of 365 Driven, Dhomonique breaks down exactly how you can use visibility to build your credibility, which in turn will lead to profitability. You won’t want to miss her tips for capturing the attention of media outlets, and what not to do when sending a pitch. Her methods help her clients leverage the power of storytelling to increase their visibility and the “know, like, and trust” factor to explode their brands, and she fully believes that you can do it too.

Quote from the episode:

“There’s a lesson in everything if we’re looking up instead of down.”

Key highlights:

  • Dhomonique’s background growing up in theater and being an extroverted child
  • Experiencing her first failure and the lesson she learned
  • Why everyone needs to drop the victim mentality
  • Her story of wanting to be an entrepreneur and dealing with naysayers 
  • Being fired from her news anchor job
  • The event that led to her first Emmy
  • How visibility leads to credibility which leads to profitability 
  • How to pitch to media outlets
  • How to catch the attention of media outlets
  • Tips for overcoming doubt/imposter syndrome
  • The affirmations Dhomonique tells herself everyday

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