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Sep 5, 2023

Join Tony as he celebrates the fifth anniversary of the 365 Driven podcast. In this episode, he reflects on the journey of the podcast, the highs, the lows, and how it has consistently grown over the years. Tony also shares his personal experiences and lessons learned from starting a podcast and how he has managed to rank in the top 1% globally.

Tony shares his experience of having his social media account disabled, and the lessons that came with it, along with an exciting announcement for the 365 Driven podcast.

Key highlights:

  • Tips for Building a Successful Podcast: Reflecting on 5 Years of Podcasting
  • The Five C's of Audience Building
  • The Impact of Having a Social Media Account Disabled
  • Upcoming Event in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Video Content and Personal Growth Challenges
  • Overcoming Critics and Naysayers
  • Discipline, Accountability, and Showing Up

Connect with Tony Whatley:
Instagram: @365driven

Facebook: 365 Driven

LinkedIn: Tony Whatley