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Oct 24, 2023

What if the spark of a lifelong passion could ignite the journey of your dreams, guiding you to a career you never envisioned? Today’s guest is here to inspire you to take big risks and follow your passion. Steven Rupp is the Technical Editor for Motor Trend Group (, which includes magazine brands such as Hot Rod and Automobile Magazine, and TV shows such as Top Gear America and Road Kill.

Swapping corporate confines for the open road, Steven pursued his love for cars and carved a unique path in automotive journalism. With over 20 years experience as an automotive journalist, photographer, and car builder, Steven brings keen insights about pivoting careers, creative work and marketing, and doing what you are passionate about.

Steven talks about the power of networking and how it steered him towards success. He also shares about the challenges of creating a balanced magazine like Super Chevy, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement, mentorship, and the art of listening more than note-taking. Steven offers insightful perspectives on the popular EV trend, sharing why converting your classic car to an EV may not always be the best financial decision.

Steven also confronts the reality of businesses that fall victim to ego-driven decisions and discusses the importance of keeping your audience's needs at the forefront. He explains the value of understanding your customer base to effectively market your product or service. Tune in for invaluable insights, lessons, and stories. 

Key highlights:

  • Taking Risks and Pursuing Passion
  • The Importance of Building a Network
  • The Importance of Adaptation in Business
  • Marketing to the Right Customers
  • The Importance of Taking Risks

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