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Jan 10, 2023

During this time of year, a lot of you are thinking “new year, new me” and setting really ambitious goals with great intentions, saying you’ll make health a priority this year, but then not long after, many people fall off the wagon. Today’s guest is just what we all need to light a fire under us to make physical fitness a top priority this year. James Gerland is on the 365 Driven Podcast to explain the importance of strength training not only for our physical health but all aspects of life including mental health and personal development.

James Gerland is the founder of AMMP Labs and is building a brand of performance-oriented gyms. James has been a high-performance coach for 19 years and takes his clients’ results and happiness very seriously. He specializes in hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, fat loss, and mobility. He works with high-level athletes from UFC, NFL, IFBB, NPC, college football athletes, and anyone looking to optimize their physique in a sustainable way. What makes James different from other strength and performance coaches is that he wants people to be safe and continue progressing in all areas of life.

In this episode, James shares how he helps people make fitness a habit and get the momentum to make it a lifestyle instead of trying for a bit, and eventually giving up. He is not about short-term gains and results, because making fitness and nutrition a top priority all throughout our lives is going to be key for longevity and feeling our best, which will transfer into all areas of life. James also gets into the topic of supplements, such as: What makes good supplements? Do you need supplements? Should you cycle off of certain supplements? Tune in for more.

Key highlights:

  • Why James decided to become a strength and conditioning coach
  • James critiques the “new” way of fitness
  • Fitness isn't just about changing your body 
  • The first 21 days is when habits are formed
  • What if someone is coming in at ground zero?
  • Tony’s message to people that continually feel like they “fell off the wagon”
  • The importance of rest and recovery for long-term goals
  • Why the majority of what we see online about fitness is wrong
  • Are free weights or machines better?
  • Which machine types are the best?
  • How James builds programs for beginners
  • The 80/20 rule is BS when it comes to nutrition and exercise because should be 100% for both
  • The importance of learning posture and stabilizing before throwing weight on the bar
  • The problem with workout programs that are not customized to each person
  • “Master the weight, don’t let the weight master you” (no ego pulls)
  • Why a lot of commercial gyms are designed incorrectly
  • What James suggests to people that feel they have hit a plateau
  • The importance of setting up your lifts correctly to avoid injury and hit muscles correctly

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