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Mar 21, 2023

The definition of rehabilitation is to restore someone to their former condition, but a more helpful and empowering method is reinvention. We always want to be improving and gaining skills that make us better humans, and it is totally possible to completely reinvent ourselves into whatever version we want to be. Today’s guest has an incredible comeback story of going from facing prison time for a felony, to being a successful CEO of Elevate Addiction Services. 

Angie Manson began drinking and using drugs at just 11 years old, was arrested and went to rehab at 16, and faced 10 years in prison at 21 years old. Due to a compassionate judge, Angie was sentenced to treatment instead. A couple of months in, she started working and giving back and realized her true purpose was to help others overcome the struggles she once faced. After completing 3-years of probation and working full-time in treatment, that same Judge erased all of Angie’s criminal record and gave her a completely clean slate. Angie used the opportunity to turn her life around and reinvent herself. Angie has now worked in alcohol and drug rehabilitation full-time for 28 years and empowers individuals to stay sober and reach their true potential with her unique and copyrighted method. 

In this episode, Angie shares her story of what led to her addiction early in her life, and emphasizes the importance of parents having those tough, but very necessary conversations about drugs and alcohol with their children sooner rather than later. With the current opioid overdose crisis in our country, largely due to accidental Fentanyl ingestion, it has become even more important for parents to be aware of the hazards and prevention. Angie also dives into the topic of how to be an effective leader of an organization, personal branding, scaling, and using criticism to your benefit.

Key highlights:

  • Angie’s comeback story of being addicted to drugs and alcohol, facing prison time, and eventually completely reinventing herself as a successful CEO
  • Angie’s advice to parents to look at clues that their kids may be getting into substance abuse
  • What people need to know about the Fentanyl crisis 
  • Why Angie’s approach to overcoming addiction works and changes lives
  • How Angie grew her company from a small team to one of 100 team members currently 
  • Why EQ matters more than IQ when it comes to running a company
  • Qualities of a great leader
  • Growing pains Angie saw as a business owner
  • Angie’s advice to business owners in hiring team members
  • Personal branding and owning your uniqueness 
  • How to handle haters and critics and use criticism to your benefit

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