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Aug 2, 2022

With the constant bombardment of advice on how to be successful whether it’s a video on social media, a new book, or a seminar, it can be challenging to figure out what success actually means to you. You might hear that success requires doing whatever it takes, no matter how you feel about it, but today's guest is here to provide a very different perspective on success and what it means to live a truly fulfilled life.

Wylie McGraw is a performance accelerator and he helps leaders of fortune 500 companies and other organizations to enhance their leadership and avoid burnout. 

In this episode, Wylie explains how you can harness your fear and turn it into something you can use instead of letting it control you and hold you back from doing things that will force you to grow and showcase your unique talents. Wylie also shares his definition of success, and it has nothing to do with money. He works with highly successful people that are miserable because they have built their success on the backs of unresolved stress, and never took the time to take a deep dive into themselves to figure out what really matters to them. You won’t regret not making more money, but you will regret not becoming the best version of yourself. Tune in to hear the truth about what real success looks like.

Key highlights

  • Introduction to Wylie and his background in bull riding
  • Wylie’s advice for people that retreat when they are scared
  • The only want to grow is to embrace uncomfortable situations and use the power of fear and harness it
  • How Wylie defines success
  • Wylie’s experience in the military
  • Embracing our unique qualities and where our performance is maximized
  • Seek environments that challenge you and expose who you are
  • We should want to emulate how well someone is living their life not how much they have achieved 
  • Tony’s thoughts on a popular social media post complaining about being a small business owner
  • Tony’s thoughts on Dave Chapelle's most recent special
  • No financial milestone will make you happy if you don't address everything else going on inside you
  • Failure is in its own way success because it means you’re learning
  • The truest value of life is peace and freedom
  • Overconsumption of everyone else’s content will lead to stifled feelings

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