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Aug 22, 2023

Chris Rood is a self-made entrepreneur and an expert in wholesaling and real estate investment. Chris shares his inspiring journey from being diagnosed with learning disabilities and mental illnesses in his youth, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. His experiences hitting rock bottom and going to rehab led him to personal development and starting a business that would eventually provide a six-figure income before even graduating college. He further expanded his ventures into real estate, creating a flourishing empire and providing insight into the hard work and dedication required for success in entrepreneurship.

In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Chris unpacks his fearless approach to risk-taking in entrepreneurship, and the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur versus being an employee. He shares how his relentless hustle, hard work, and understanding of business fundamentals have been the keys to his success. Chris emphasizes the idea of "choosing your hard", either working as an entrepreneur or as an employee, shedding light on the reality that entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Chris takes us on his journey into real estate investing and wholesaling. He breaks down the basics of wholesaling real estate, highlighting how it's similiar to what Amazon does, and discusses the concept of sourcing deals for investors. Chris dives into the harsh realities of real estate investing, including the risks associated, and the deceptive promises of gurus. Finally, Chris provides valuable advice on how to connect with authentic individuals in business and avoid the fakes out there. Tune in to hear Chris's extraordinary story and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship and real estate investment.

Key highlights:

  • Chris Rood's Journey in Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Development and Risk-Taking in Entrepreneurship
  • Exploring Entrepreneurship vs. Employment
  • Introduction to Wholesaling Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investing and Guru Mentors
  • The Deception of Online Gurus 

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