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Jan 18, 2022

Patti Katter is the spouse of a US Military Veteran who was severely wounded in war, and became his caregiver at 33 years old. Through advocating for her husband and getting him the care he needed, Patti found that one of life’s greatest joys is helping others. Patti is also the host of the Podcast Wake Up With Patti Katter, a podcast with a wealth of inspiring and motivational stories from others that have overcome tremendous difficulties. In this episode, Patti and Tony discuss the significance in finding your purpose through genuinely wanting to help others. This will lead you to more success than chasing dollars ever will. Finding fulfillment in connecting with other people will build your legacy and lead you on a path of a purpose driven life.

Key Highlights

  • Patti and Tony discuss why we are so lucky to live in America and the importance of being patriotic
  • Patti shares her story of learning about her husband’s injury while serving in the US Military while in Iraq, and his diagnosis of a head injury, which led to Patti being his caregiver and advocating for veterans to get the help they need.
  • Tony stresses the importance of attributing a dollar amount to the tasks you do daily to make sure you are paying yourself appropriately in your business.
  • Patti highlights the significance in rooting yourself in helping others to find your purpose.

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