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Mar 14, 2023

With people paying for blue check marks and seeking quick ways to get known in their industry, more people want to know how they can fast-track their influence. While it is true that slowly and steadily building that know, like, and trust factor will greatly benefit you, we have seen that the universe loves speed. It is also true that there are unethical and frowned-upon ways to gain an audience, but there are always routes to manufacture influence with integrity and honesty if you want to establish trust and authority faster.

Ulyses Osuna is here on the 365 Driven Podcast to talk all things media, PR, and everything you need to know to get known in the industry. Ulyses is the CEO of Influencer Press where he manages publicity for clients and helps them get known quicker. He has been featured in Forbes, and contributed to,,, and With Ulyses’ help, his clients have gotten 13 million views, and thousands of articles published. 

In this episode, Ulyses shares why he got interested in PR at only 17 years old, and the very hard lessons he had to learn about the industry. As a young entrepreneur that wanted to reach the limelight as fast as possible, Ulyses knows that people are looking for someone to guide them to fast, yet honest strategies to increase their influence. With a lot of dishonesty in the media, the importance of building your influence with honesty is key to making yourself stand out in the crowd and building a loyal following that will carry over for decades. Ulyses covers how he helps his clients control what people think about them, the importance of personal branding, and his opinion on paying to get verified online. 

Key highlights:

  • The hard lessons Ulyses learned when getting into the industry 
  • The importance of being honest on social media
  • The problems with cancel culture 
  • Where Ulyses’ passion came from
  • Why media and PR are so alluring
  • How to win in any industry
  • Ulyses' opinion on paying to be featured in articles or for verification on social media
  • How Ulyses works with clients to control what people see and think about them
  • The PR snowball system
  • Using podcast guesting as a PR pitch deck
  • What do paid events look like?
  • Why is personal branding important?
  • Why should someone hire an agency and look to build their influence?

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