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Oct 17, 2023

We're cracking open the playbook to success with Josh Kosnick, founder of Kairos Coaching and Consulting, as we discuss how to lead and coach with integrity. Josh shares his rollercoaster ride from the world of finance and wealth management to the field of business coaching, giving us a front-row seat to his encounters with corporate nepotism and the silver lining he discovered by tweaking his business model amidst the COVID storm.

This episode pushes the boundaries as we challenge the credibility of self-declared coaches who've never been in the trenches themselves. We take on the influencer marketing phenomenon, and stress the significance of organic and authentic content. Josh opens up about his decision to sell his companies, and how he redirected his focus towards recruiting and developing people.

We share our top tips to becoming an effective coach, from selecting your tech stack to identifying and bridging skill gaps. We underline the need for entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zones on social media and invest in public speaking skills. This is a conversation all about enhancing your business, your life, and your bottom line in finances, so tune in for more!

Key highlights:

  • Coaching and Influencers in Business

  • Leadership and Avoiding Narcissism

  • Tips for Becoming a Coach

  • Credibility and Authenticity in Business

  • Importance of Being Uncomfortable on Social Media

  • The Importance of Public Speaking Skills

  • Opportunities for Business Growth and Support

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