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Jul 5, 2022

Negative experiences from our past can remain in our subconscious and affect us throughout our lives if we do not address and overcome them. Without even being aware of our traumas, we might be held back by them, not reaching our fullest potential, and trying to overcompensate to push away the pain. Today’s guest went through just that. 

Chris Saunders is the president of Integrated Communications, which is a field mobility company, and he also leads a Marketing Agency called Yonder Digital. Chris is a member of the Arete Syndicate and he is a successful entrepreneur with a very inspiring story of how he went from someone that was always fearful of uncertainty, to now one of the strongest people he knows. Chris faced very difficult times recently, as most of us did, but this forced him to face the childhood trauma that he had been trying to push away for so long.

In this episode, Chris shares his story of battling hopelessness and desperation, and knowing when it was time to ask for help. Through a special kind of therapy called EDMR, he was finally able to face his traumas and start to truly live in the present, and finally call the shots in his own life. Everyone deals with adversity, but winners realize it is the past that makes us who we are. Tune in to hear Chris’ story. 

Key highlights

  • Introduction to Chris
  • The childhood trauma Chris endured that made it difficult to connect to his true self
  • The massive shift Chris went through after investing in himself through the Arete Syndicate
  • How Chris' business was affected in recent times
  • Chris’ experience with EMDR therapy
  • How the Arete syndicate saved Chris' life
  • Chris' experience with 75 hard
  • Tony’s experience with high functioning depression
  • How things happen FOR us not TO us
  • The purpose statement Chris says every day to stay connected to his “why”
  • The purpose statement he says with his kids every day
  • What’s next for Chris: A safe zone for men

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