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Oct 11, 2022

While earning money, acquiring a large following, and collecting awards is very admirable, the real happiness and significance in life lie in who we surround ourselves with and the meaning in our lives. It is imperative not to lose sight of what is really important in life, such as the freedom to live the lifestyle you want and spend time with the people that matter most. Don’t get so busy chasing accolades and money that you forget about what is truly important in life. Today's guest emphasizes not comparing yourselves to others around you, but instead focusing on your own acceleration and happiness.

Tanner Chidester is the founder & CEO of Elite CEOs and he has generated close to 50 million dollars in sales in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, Tanner’s success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever. With others wanting to know how he was doing it, Tanner began business coaching on these same strategies and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena. Since then, Tanner’s business has organically evolved into the coaching empire we know today: Elite CEOs. With his team by his side, Tanner is now on a mission to turn as many online coaches as possible into millionaires. In addition, Tanner now owns 3 portfolio companies and is trying to expand into more as he takes the next steps in his business career. He also happens to have grown up in the same small Texas town where Tony was also raised.

In this episode, Tanner shares his journey of growing up in a small town and wanting more for himself. Once he was introduced to the business world, he saw the power of what was possible and how to break the old beliefs around money that he learned growing up. Tanner also dives into the topic of low vs. high ticket offers, and how he grew his social media following. Tune in for more.

Key highlights:

  • Introduction to Tanner and the benefits of growing up in the small town where both he and Tony were raised and went to school
  • How Tanner got introduced to the business world
  • Tanner’s advice to someone that has old beliefs about money
  • Selling low-ticket vs. high-ticket items
  • Tanner’s advice for growing a social following
  • How he made his first million
  • Happiness lies in the progression of growth
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and their growth, just pay attention to your acceleration
  • How to scale your business without sacrificing your family and lifestyle
  • Working more does not equal more success
  • Tony’s near-death experience that put life into perspective
  • Don't pay attention to the critics on the sidelines

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