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May 3, 2022

Jaime Villalovos has an incredible story of strength, perseverance, and growth mindset that took her from a childhood of welfare and food stamps, to being a 7-figure earner before the age of 30. She has helped thousands of people to successfully start their own business, and has coached many to become leaders earning multiple 6 and 7 figure incomes. Through her Happy and Strong movement, Jaime coaches leaders and entrepreneurs on how to build their dream life with more success in business and more balance, wellness, and fulfillment. Being known as the “balance queen”, Jaime has achieved all this with an inspiring marriage, raising four children, being a philanthropist, and staying involved with her church and community.

In this episode. Jaime shares all about her background and journey to achieving all that she set out to do. Her story is also a testament to the power of finding a great mentor and realizing that to unlock the doors that you want to open, sometimes you have to seek those that have already found the key and check your ego at the door when it comes to following their advice. Jaime also dives into the importance of not staying stagnant and continuing to set goals, yet finding the perfect balance to not let work control your life, because the true goal is happiness.

Quote from the episode:

“The great ones, the champions, the 1%ers, it’s not just a business plan, it’s not just goals, it’s like an emotional game plan. What keeps them going when things are tough, when things are hard, when they want to quit, when they want to flip on the TV, and instead they turn it off and they make 10 more phone calls.”

Key highlights:

  • Jaime’s story growing up poor in a small rural town and how that inspired her to do better
  • The importance of finding a great mentor or coach
  • Jaime’s tips for reaching out to a mentor you aren’t connected to
  • Tony’s advice for connecting with mentors
  • How our entrepreneur journey changes through life’s phases
  • What a good team can do for your business
  • How Jaime trains and hires staff
  • Tony’s time saving hacks for training new employees/team members
  • Why you need an emotional game plan for when things get hard
  • The importance of growth and new challenges
  • Challenging your belief system
  • Jaime’s process for setting big goals
  • How Jaime defines happiness and success
  • How a mentor might be able to help you see where you are stuck
  • Why you need fulfillment and contribution goals instead of a money “finish line”
  • Jaime’s new book Happy and Strong launching May 17

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