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Apr 16, 2024

Heather Parady is the host of the podcast “Unconventional Leaders”, which has over a million downloads, and in this episode, she candidly shares her journey. Heather veers from the traditional entrepreneur archetype and leans into her passion of being a creative. She brings a unique perspective on tenacity, the art of character development, and the importance of following your passion. This conversation brings hope for anyone struggling to align their career with their true calling and showcases the strength in embracing one's creative instincts over conventional success metrics.

This episode is a testament to how embracing humor and playfulness can turbocharge the creative process. Heather opens up about her early struggles to find a balance between making ends meet and nurturing innovation and creativity. With Heather's insights into crafting content that catches attention, this episode covers the laugh-out-loud side of creativity that can turn even the driest topics into learning and entertainment. 

If you enjoy this episode, you can see Heather speak in person at the upcoming 365 Driven Advance in Costa Rica June 8-13. Details here:

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