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Oct 4, 2022

Real estate is an asset that can be bought for less than what it is currently worth, making it a great opportunity to build your wealth. In this episode, Ryan Dossey explains the idea of “wholesaling” real estate, including what it looks like and how it is different than buying and flipping houses. While he was stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, Ryan took a $3,000 investment and turned it into $10,000 in just a few hours of work, and learned the power of wholesaling real estate. Now he coaches others on how to achieve the same success he has found.

Ryan Dossey is the founder of Ballpoint Marketing, Call Porter, and runs a mastermind called Create Cash Flow. Ryan has helped generate Over $50M off-market for real estate investors, clients, and students.

In this episode, Ryan shares his story of having the confidence to jump into real estate with just $3,000 and why he is passionate about helping others build wealth by wholesaling homes. 

Key highlights:

  • Going from selling car warranties to real estate
  • Ryan’s advice to get paid for the opportunities that you generate vs. the hours that you put in
  • The meaning of “campaign” in business
  • Why would someone go with Ryan vs. a real estate agent?
  • How not to judge potential clients
  • Ryan's forecast of the real estate market
  • Wholesaling vs. flipping houses
  • Mistakes Ryan sees in the “flip” market
  • Why Ryan decided to vertically integrate his businesses and what that means and looks like
  • How coaches can accelerate your knowledge
  • How to snap out of the mindset of focusing on money
  • Ryan’s advice to get started in real estate or entrepreneurship

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