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Aug 16, 2022

You may have heard before that being an entrepreneur is a constant journey of self-development and self-discovery, and you might feel like you are still on that path to discovering what aligns with your true identity. Being yourself and projecting your unique personality and talents to the world, will attract colleagues, collaborators, and customers that are also aligned with your mission. In this episode, Tony talks to Mike Fallat about their transformations through the last couple of years and becoming more aligned with their true values and identity. 

Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency, and he helps entrepreneurs get their books published and show them how to use their books as a gateway to revenue streams.

In this episode, Mike and Tony share advice about listening to your instinct regarding people you should be connecting with and spending energy on, how to appear more confident when connecting with others, and how to guard your schedule to avoid a constant feeling of overwhelm and a never-ending to-do list. Mike also dives into what writing a book can do for your social proof. Tune in to hear more!

Key highlights:

  • People that keep moving forward are what inspire people
  • Are you choosing your wardrobe trying to impress other people?
  •  On your entrepreneurial journey, you might start out not knowing yourself
  • Tony’s advice to appear more confident and trusting when connecting with others
  • Mike’s advice for connecting with people and being memorable
  • Mike becoming his true self 
  • The shift that happened in 2020 
  • Getting over the hurdle of being an outcast
  • Listening to your instinct regarding other people’s energy and being able to make quick decisions in your business
  • Making moves after attending an event or mastermind
  • How will you guard your time?
  • Tips for getting started with writing your book
  • How to manage your energy and get your day started the way that works for you
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How writing a book will help you reach your audience
  • The social proof you get from writing a book

Quote from the episode: 

“Your income is directly tied to how well you articulate your solutions.”

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