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Mar 15, 2022

Ken Joslin is a serial entrepreneur, host of the podcast As the Leader Grows, former pastor turned coach, best-selling author, massive event organizer, and much more. He spent the last 25 years between vocational ministry and real estate, and his passion is serving others, teaching the principles of GSD (Grow, Stack, Drive) through his coaching and consulting community.

We have heard many times how important our “circle” of people are, and how we are the sum of those that we spend the most time with, but how do you attract the right people into your community, corner, or circle? How do you get a seat at the table with those people that will inspire you to level up, and help you get to places you never dreamed possible? Ken emphasizes that the most important piece that so many people overlook, is authenticity and serving other people, which leads to a fulfilled life.

Key highlights:

  • How to get the wrong people out of your life the right way
  • How to attract the right people by growing yourself and serving others
  • We can learn from people we dislike or disagree with, instead of criticizing
  • If you are teachable, you are not a critic 
  • Our world is hungry for authentic leaders who live a life of humility
  • There is a fine line between authenticity and oversharing
  • You don't want to surround yourself with “yes men” you need people that will be objective 
  • The characteristics Ken sees in authentic people
  • Ken’s major tips for you if you’re struggling with authenticity

Quote from the episode:

  • “Excuses will always be there, opportunities wont. When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare”

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