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Sep 19, 2023

Picture this: you're spending countless hours crafting the perfect organic marketing strategy, but is your return on effort (ROE) really worth it? Should you be considering paid advertising instead? In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Tony sits down with marketing guru Nicholas Kusmich to share his wisdom. Together, they unravel the complexities of ROE and ROI, explore the benefits of anti-funnel marketing, and delve into the nuances of organic versus paid advertising. 

Ever wondered how to make your brand stand out in a crowd? Nicholas has you covered. He puts a spotlight on personal branding, targeting premium prospects, and the psychology of luxury buyers. In a landscape filled with funnels, Nicholas and Tony discuss how to carve out your unique category and truly differentiate your brand. They also delve into the concept of using paid advertising to amplify organic growth, leveraging existing content to increase exposure and drive business growth. 

Nicholas also dissects strategies for effectively targeting and optimizing Facebook ads. Exploring key questions like whom your audience follows, where they frequent, and what they fund, he demystifies the process of identifying your target market.

Key highlights:

  • ROI and ROE in Advertising Importance
  • Organic vs. Paid Advertising
  • Reimagining Funnel Marketing
  • Personal Branding and Targeting Premium Prospects
  • Paid Advertising for Organic Growth
  • Targeting and Optimizing Facebook Ads
  • Opportunities for Business Growth and Support

Connect with Nicholas Kusmich:


Twitter: @nicholaskusmich

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